Department of General Surgery № 1 of the Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

Aim. Improvement of methods of diagnosis and treatment of colostasis on the background of dolichosigma.

Material and methods. The article presents the results of diagnosis of 139 patients with the diagnosis of “Chronic colonic stasis” and surgical treatment of patients with dolichosigma. Among the patients were diagnosed: dolichosigma – 102 (60,35%), Pira disease in combination with dolichosigma – 27 (15,97%), transverzoptosis in combination with dolichosigma – 17 (10,05%), mobile cecum in combination with dolichosigma – 13 (7,69%), expansion of the cecum in combination with dolichosigma – 10 (5,91%) cases.

The main cause of colonic stasis was dolichosigma.

Results. Based on clinical and instrumental data we have developed a classification of dolichosigma by the degree of elongation of the sigmoid colon:

dolichosigma I degree – Sigma length from 40 cm to 60 cm; dolichosigma II degree – Sigma length from 60 cm to 70 cm; dolichosigma III degree – Sigma length from 70 cm – 80 cm or more;

Conclusion.Videolaparoscopyallowstodeterminethedegreeofelongationofthesigmoidcolonandtodeterminethemostoptimalvolume of completion of the operation of the colonic stasis against the background of dolichosigma. Depending on the degree of elongation of the sigmoidcolonandtheoptimizationcriterionofoperationinpatientswithchroniccolonicstasissurgicaltreatmentbecomesmoreeffective.

Key words: dolichosigma, diagnostic laparoscopy, determination of the degree of elongation of the sigmoid colon.


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Information about author:

Murodova Shabnam Mahmudovna Full-time Postgraduate at the Department of General Surgery № 1 of the Avicenna Tajik State Medical Universi- ty; tel: 908888086. E-mail: shabnam.mahmudovna@

Pages: 188-192

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