SI “Tajik Scientific Research Institute of Preventive Medicine” of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of population of the Republic of Tajikistan

Private medical hospital named Mariyamin Kabul city of Islamic State of Afghanistan

SI “Academy of Medical Sciences” of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of population of the Republic of Tajikistan

SI “HAC under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan”

Aim. Study of the state and prospects of development of the private sector in the Kabul city IGA health management system. Material and Methods. The research material is based on consolidated data of annual reports of medical and preventive treat- ment facilities of the city of Kabul, the IGA, which switched to new methods of financing in the period 2003-2018.

Results. The potential of a private health care system in Kabul is not demanded by the state. The public health system in Kabul is characterized by the dominance of the public sector with an emerging upward trend in the private sector.

Conclusion. The health care system of Kabul, the IGA is multi-structured, consists of the public and private sectors with a predominance of the private. Government health policy is aimed at expanding the private sector, but under tight government regulation.

The main obstacles in the development of private sector of healthcare of Kabul city are: lack of security, poverty of the population, imperfect regulatory documents, lack of a proper legal and regulatory framework.

Key words: public health care system, private health care system, regulatory and legal framework, financing


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Information about authors: Akhmedov Alamkhon – Main specialist of the At- testation Division of Medical, Veterinary, Pharma- ceutical and Agricultural Sciences of the HAC under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, foreign corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Ministry of Health and Social Protec- tion of population of the Republic of Tajikistan, Doc- tor of Medical Sciences, Professor; tel.: 2275551

Mir Oko Khurami valadi Mukhammad Khuram Applicant at the State Establishment “Tajik Scientifi Research Institute of Preventive Medicine”, Director of the Private Medical Hospital named after Maryam of the IGA; tel.: 93783114493; e-mail: miragakhora-

Mirzoeva Zukhro Akhmadulloevna Chairman of the Expert Council on Medicine and Pharmacy of the State Establishment “HAC under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan”, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor; tel.: 2275551

Pages: 172-179

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